Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk
Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk
Tipo Avventura
Autore/i Erik Mona, Jason Bulhman, James Jacobs
Casa Editrice Wizard of the Coast
Edizione Dungeons & Dragons 3.5
Pubblicazione 2007
Pagine 222
Preceduto Greyhawk Ruins
Classificazione Canon
Mordenkainen needs you.

The good people of Greyhawk needs you. What are you waiting for?

Twenty-seven years ago, a band of adventurers led by the great wizard Mordenkainen entered the dungeon below Castle Greyhawk and released the evil demigod Iuz, intending to slay him. Betrayal led to failure, Iuz escaped, and many lives were lost. Today evil has returned to Castle Greyhawk, and Mordenkainen must place his trust in the hands of a new generation of heroes. Those who fail will be lost, and those who triumph will be legend.

Castle Greyhawk has become a grand fixture of the Cairn Hills, tempting the likes of Mordenkainen, Bigby and Tenser with its dark mysteries. Today it lies in ruin, ravaged by years and countless assaults. Hovewer many of its greatest treasures and secrets remain hidden in the sprawling dungeon beneath, where terrible monsters and fiendish traps defy new generations of heroes in search of fame and glory.

This campaign adventure revisit the legendary ruins of Castle Greyhawk and its dungeons, incorporating many new twists and surprises. It is designed for characters levels 8-13 and features an easy-to-use combat encounter format. This book also presents several new monsters and magic items.