The Adventure Begins
The Adventure Begins
Tipo Manuale di Ambientazione
Autore/i Roger E. Moore
Casa Editrice Tactical Studies Rules
Edizione AD&D 2a Edizione
Pubblicazione 1998
Pagine 128
Preceduto From the Ashes
Seguito da Living Greyhawk Gazetteer
Classificazione Canon

The year is 591 CY. The World of GREYHAWK has changed a lot, as nations topple and leaders plot. Whole realms are "lost"; others have crumbled; still others have advanced, becoming new powers in the Flanaess. So where are you going to find all the news?

And more to the point, where in the City of Greyhawk can you find some iinteresting gossip, cheap but good ale, and fellow adventurers to share it with?

A Dungeon Master's dream, this 128-page guide gives you what you need to start a Greyhawk campaign - or to update an exisiting one:

  • Extensive histories of the Flanaess and the Domain of Greyhawk
  • A place-by-place description of the City of Greyhawk
  • A 16-page map booklet with new and updated maps of towns and adventuring sites in the central Flanaess
  • Updates on famous people - good and bad
  • The seeds for thousands of new adventures

This book will give your adventuring parties experiences they'll never forget.

The World of Greyhawk is back - and it's better than ever!

For players of all levels.